Hi there!

I’m Amanda and I’m abroad.  … Get it? It’s my attempt at being pun-ny.

I write this blog to take time and reflect on remember what I’ve done out here in Europe.  My friend Megan can confirm I have a horrible memory and I often overlook my accomplishments forget that I have met people.  I’d like to get better at that.

I also write this blog to give travel tips on places I’ve been, and to reflect on how I’ve grown/ evolved/ changed from being an American who has lived only in America, to an American living in Europe.  Fact is, this blog is evolving and becoming more well-rounded as I do.

I used to be a girl (now 33, I guess I should say, “woman”? Bah!) who thought she “never could do something like move abroad” and I am sure there are many, many people out there writing things just like this.

The difference is, this is mine. So there.

Thanks for joining me on my journey!


6 thoughts on “About

      • It took me awhile to find this again! I have yet to catch up on everything. But I really enjoy reading your posts. Intelligently written with a great sense of humor! I did read about the loss of your dad. I am so sorry. How heartbreaking to say the least. I first found this blog while trying to find pictures of Rome and Florence and Italy in general taken from a traveler’s perspective. I lost my brother several years ago and before he died he took me on a trip to Italy. Being in college we were the very definition of poor and did not have a camera. It was a wonderful adventure that will always stay with me. He left us very unexpectedly so I understand losing a family member suddenly.
        Your blog was a great find. It’s cool to learn about several European cities from the perspective of an American traveler. Keep writing Amanda!

  1. Stumbled upon this blog. Love it! I’m also a U.S. expat living in AMS and can relate to 100% of what you posted about it. Also. In my cabinet: 2 packets of gravy mix brought over from my dad. In my fridge: Hidden Valley ranch bought from an Import shop. Necessities. Boom. (Readers will probably be like WTF?? until they read your Thanksgiving post.) Keep up the awesomeness!

  2. What is it like to be an American overseas in regards to current world affairs? Is it easier, more difficult or the same being a woman as it is to be a male there? Just curious if their are differences! When is the next blog coming up?!

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