Hello, world.

How many blogs start this way? My guess is 45-50%.

Is this thing on? It’s my first time.

Well, I’m Amanda and I’m abroad.  … Get it? It’s my attempt at being pun-ny.

Anyway, I hope to have some posts here that entertain my family and friends, and maybe some strangers, too.  I’m writing this blog mostly for myself, so i can take time and reflect on remember what I’ve done out here.  My friend Megan can confirm I have a horrible memory and I often overlook my accomplishments forget that I have met people.  I’d like to get better at that.

I’m a girl who “never thought she could do something like move abroad” and I am sure there are many, many people out there writing things just like this.

The difference is, this is mine. So there.

I don’t think I am particularly funny, intuitive, or adventurous.  I’m also not particular self-deprecating either (well, sometimes, but I’m not going to write a bumbling/charming-girl-in-Europe-and-her-mishaps blog).  I’m just a regular girl from a place where people don’t move out.  But I did. And ever since the dawn of email-chains-to-your-friends-trading-hilarious-ongoings, I’ve been told “You need to start a blog!”

So, we’ll see where this takes me.



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